Body changes during pregnancy week by week


pregnancy week by week

The body can change during pregnancy week by week, but in the first 6 weeks there are no big changes, so I have explained after the 6th week step by step. Some women want to know about early pregnancy stages and body changes, so this is the right place to come.


6th week

The first signs of pregnancy occur: missed periods, morning sickness, and breast feeling uncomfortable. At 6 weeks, the bay is 25 mm long, weighs only 1 gm, but already has a human look.

8th week

Towards the end of the second month, the baby’s skeleton begins to develop. It is made of soft cartilage, which soon turns into bone.


12th week

For the first 3 months of pregnancy, there is little change in a woman’s shape, but the baby’s brain, heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, nerves, and bladder are fully formed.


16th week

The baby grows from 50 to 125 mm. by the 4th month; the enlargement of the abdomen is noticeable to the mother, but other people will not notice for another month.


20th week

The baby is about 160 mm long and weighs 225 g or more. At the 5th month, the baby has a thin layer of wrinkled skin. The baby has a thin layer or wrinkled skin. As the baby gains fat, the skin will smooth out.


24th week

The mother feels the baby kicking and churning inside her. As the baby moves about, the umbilical cord, which provides the baby’s circulation, slips over the body but does not get knotted.


28th week

By the 7th month, the baby has developed enough so that he can live if born prematurely. The baby is now about 350 mm long and weighs 1.1 kg.


32nd week

The baby gains the fat and strength needed to live outside the womb; his muscles are developed; his blood is circulating; and his digestive system is ready for food.


36th week

The mother’s womb has grown nearly to the rib cage. The mother experiences lightening as the baby’s head sinks into the pelvis. The bay’s weight is about 2.5 kg.


40th week

In the 9th month, the womb is about 300 mm long. The baby is about 3 kg, 500 mm long, and curled up awaiting birth. The baby takes up most of the womb and moves little.



During pregnancy, a woman body can change week by week; it is common and all of this is known, but some people want to know how the baby grows week by week, so I have explained all of this.