How to lose weight in 7 days naturally at home food plan | Weight Lose

 I will be explain 7 day diet plan naturally at home, this 7 day diet plan will help you to change your lifestyle, I will give on how to prepare home cooked healthy food with easily available and inexpensive ingredients,

So this is sugar free diet plan for following my food recipes that will help you to lose weight, and also I will not prepared refined oil and processed food in the diet plan. I have customize this plan and taking care nutritional requirements, and also include morning and bedtime drinks that boost metabolism.

How to lose weight in 7 days naturally at home food plan | Weight Lose

    10 kg weight loss in 7 days diet plan

    Here 10 kg weight loss is a challenge diet plan, I will give some nutritional ideas that can helps to loss weight, in my diet plan is very efficiency and nutritional in this method you will not get any side effects. In this diet plan I add some energy drinks and fresh fruits.

    So you will need to do 30 to 40 minutes simple exercise like walking and yoga that will also help you to loss weight fast.

    Cinnamon Tea: Cinnamon is helps to burn belly fat and also helps to boost your metabolism. Prepare

    Breakfast: morning breakfast at 8.30 to 9.00, you can add breakfast boiled vegetables without salt or Fruits in this also add sprouts. After 10 to 11 am you can drink honey water.

    Lunch: fresh fruits like high protein papaya, water melon, or you can eat vegetable salad, if you want more food just drink honey with lemon water.

    Evening snacks: any fresh fruits juice, don’t drink cool drinks

    Dinner: vegetable salad or Nuts if you want more you can eat sprouts, some people not able to eat all the time vegetable and fruits in that time you eat boiled egg. 

    If you follow this food plan 7 days 100 % you will loss weight 10 kg without any side effects.

    7 days diet plan to lose 5 kg

    I have explained already 7 days diet plan in above paragraph, in my diet plan is very fast and effective 100 % you will get results. In my diet plan is very simple and Low expensive ingredients.

    In Google you will get more diet plans, if have confused which one I can follow. So be clear first, you reading right blog, in my customize diet plan is simple and effective, in this 7 days diet plan no sugary products and junk foods. In below I will give you simple diet foods and drinks you will follow this 7 days definitely will get results.

    * Morning Jeera Hot Water or cinnamon tea

    * Ginger tea or Lemon tea

    * Break Fast Only Fruits or fresh vegetables as you much you want

    * 10 to 11 Am Honey with lemon water

    * No Oiled and processed Foods

    * Lunch Vegetables and fruits or any Fresh fruits

    * Drink Honey with Lemon Water in between if feel hungry

    * Snacks Boiled egg or nuts

    * Dinner Vegetables or fruits with nuts if you want you can add Sprouts.

    Follow these steps definitely you lose more than 5 kg in 1 weak.

    Is rice good for weight loss?

    So many people eat rice every in worldwide, if you eat rice everyday it will increase your weight or not, it will depends on which variety of rice you eat at same time how much quantity of Rice.

    Which variety of rice is best for weight management?

    People are mostly eat white rice, white rice is not to easy cook at same time it will easy eat, so the white rice has polished, it was remove upper layers like bran an gems. So Upper layer having nutrition.

    Best Rice:

    1. Brown Rice

    2. White Rice

    So the brown rice and red rice is having fiber, Vitamin and minerals mainly in B12 Vitamin so it helps to manage diabetes and cardiovascular. Compare to white rice brown and red rice is best. If you eat high carbohydrate Food it will increase weight.

    In My opinion to avoid Rice when your do weight loss Changing.

    Herbalife weight loss

    Herbal nutrition food is really helps to weight loss, some people are buying herbal products in online and they are doing some experiments in weight loss program, some people give a review it’s good for health, some people claim that I'm experiencing side effects.

    Herbalife products having only 5 gram protein even 1 egg having 6 gram Protein why should we buy Herbalife products.

    Herbalife is a multi-Level Marketing they are selling products to People, so in our natural food Will helps to Loss Weight. I have given so many Examples in this article.

    Weight loss tips

    The people are doing variety of tricks to loss weight, after you stop weight loss experiments then it will increase again weight. So first you should fix in your mind natural weight loss is the best method loss weight.

    1.     Drink Early Morning Hot Water before breakfast

    2.     Breakfast Only protein foods

    3.     Drink Honey with warm water every 1 hour

    4.     Do regular exercise or yoga

    5.     Eat more vegetables

    6.     Eat more Fruits

    7.     Drink Lemon tea or green tea

    8.     Eat nuts

    9.     Eat Sprouts

    10. Avoid junk foods

    11. No Sugary Products

    12. No Processed Food

    13. No Refrigerator Food

    14. Eat only Fresh Foods

    15. Drink plenty of water

    16. Join any Sports

    17. Drink Coconut water

    18. Eat Green Leafy Foods

    19. Eat Boiled Egg

    20. Enough Sleep ( it will reduce stress )

    Weight loss diet chart for female

    Here I will give a small chart that can helps to loss weight for female or male, Some females are Searching in internet How to loss weight, Simple Way


           Diet Plan

    What to Do



    Eat Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Salad.


    Morning and Night

    Drink Plenty Of Hot Water



    Do Regular Exercise.


    Balanced Diet

    Eat nuts, Fig, Dates, Blue Berry, and pumpkin Seeds.


    Enough Sleep

    Sleep At time Minimum 7 to 8 Hours


    Conclusion: in this article I have Written so many Diet plan for naturally loss weight, I have get some tips to health experts after that only I written this, is very beneficial who are searching online diet plan is the best one. My opinion if you have any permanent disease, take an expert advice or consult before doctor.



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    How to lose weight in 7 days without exercise at home

    Yes Without exercise is possible to loss weight but not fast, if you do exercise along with diet plan is possible loss weight fast.

    Weight lose diet plan for 16 year old male

    Yes 16 year is small Age definitely you add high rich Protein Foods like Egg and grilled Chicken, Nuts, Vegetables and fruits.