Daily Healthy Food for Weight Loss || 8 Easy Methods

So you want to lose weight?

First you need to do cut calories that was bad move, A Nutrition experts reveals why eating less does not lead to Weight Loss. Cutting Calories Drops metabolic Rate that means not Burn Fat, your body is built for survival it doesn’t care what you want to look like. The best way to drop body fat it’s may be a small decrease in caloric consumption, that means you might change taken little bit and exercise little bit more, and no that has  doesn’t mean Going crazy, yes we need attention well eating, we need to make sure excurse, So small meals throughout the day and high protein. So all the important steps for quick loss Methods.


Daily Healthy Food for Weight Loss || 8 Easy Methods: Quick Weight Loss

If What happened loss weight (body and brain)

 During the first weak, you may find it easy to lose weight by simply switching to a healthier diet. But as your metabolism adjusts, you would not burn as many calories as you used to. So losing additional weight will become harder. Making matters worse as the fat melts away, you will start to experience an increase in appetite. This surge in leptin levels signals to you brain. You are full and should stop eating. Brain Scans of obese patients who had lost 10% of their body weight revealed less leptin leads to increased activity in regions of the brain that control our desire to eat. The end results isn’t an increased appetite but even stronger urge to eat fatty, high-calorie foods because your brain is trying to restore the body’s leptin levels to normal.

                 However the decreased risk of heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes, scientist studying Overweight people discovered that losing.

1.    5 foods to eat to lose weight

                   So many Foods having in the world, to lose weight that means how you taking food and what it is, 5 Foods you should eat every weak to lose weight.

1. Chia Seeds: it slows digestion and keeps us feeling fuller longer.

2. Apple: like vegetables fruits are smart addition to any healthy weight-loss plan.

3. Dark Chocolate: chocolate is a healthy weight-loss diet is more likely to be effective if it’s sustainable.

4. Pistachios: All nuts can be included in a healthy weight-loss diet.

5. Eggs: The egg really is the perfect protein, especially when it comes to weight- loss.

2.    Weight loss drink

1.     Lemon & Ginger Drink: Take lemon or lime, Cut Lime and squeeze Juice used later before chop the lime roughly, and 10 gm ginger Peel Skin also chop small pieces, Water 1 liter and boil well after add Lime peel as well as ginger chop, cinnamon 2 piece, pepper ½ teaspoon after 15 mines Filter this drink (Flavored detox Drink) Finally 1 Glass of this drink add 1 or 2 teaspoon’s of honey.

2.     Cumin & Cinnamon Drink: Add 1 liter water after add Cumin 3 teaspoons and Cinnamon 2 or pieces Boiled Well and filter to drink, if you can’t drink Raw you just lemon and honey.

3.     Chia & Lemon Drink: Add Chia 2 or 3 teaspoon’s One Bowl and add 1 glass water After 10 mines Turns Jelly Texture Add Some Warm Water and Also Add Honey 2 teaspoon’s finally drink Ready.

Here I will tell you 4 Nature Bed time Drink (It Improves Sleep Naturally)

1.     Almond Milk: Take Almond ½ Cup to a Bowl and Add Water and Close to bowl and Soak 4 Hours after Soaked well add Dates 1 or 2 piece, vanilla extract 1 tsp, ½ tsp, Water 2 cups all these Grind Well and filter. To drink these before going bed

2.     Banana Tea Drink: Take one bowl add 3 cup of water and 1 Raw Banana cut the 2 edge of banana and boil, after 2 or 3 mines Add cinnamon 1 piece, cardamom 3 pods  and Boil 5 mines, after Take Out Banana and Filter 1 Glass to Drink.

3.     Turmeric Milk Drink:  Take 3 cups Milk add turmeric ¼ tsp, pepper-1/4 tsp, Ginger ¼ Cinnamon 1 piece, Coconut Oil ¼ tsp and Boil Well. After Boil Filter and drink.

4.     Nutmeg Tea Drink: Take 3 cups water add Nutmeg ½ tsp, Cinnamon 2 piece, cardamom 3 pods and Boil 5 mines well. After Boil Filter and drink.

3. weight loss tips:

           Tip 1: maxing Meals only home cooked foods.

           Tip 2: You Have to Fix One Time and eat that time only.

           Tip 3: You have to when eating Vegetable Salads, Protein Food, and Carbs        Food,Make Sure These All Food items in your menu.

           Tip 4:  Drink Water Regularly.

           Tip 5: Eat without electronic distraction.                                            

           Tip 6: Eliminate Sugary Drinks.                                           

           Tip 7: Don’t Eat Junk Food.                                           

           Tip 8: Sleep well and avoid stress.                                        

4. Healthy snacks for weight loss:

     1: Pop corn (50g)  

           Calories: 188 Kcal

                  Carbs: 37g

           Protein: 5.5g

           Fat: 2.2g

           Fiber: 6.5g

      2: Roasted Chana (50g)  

           Calories: 178 Kcal

                  Carbs: 28.8g

           Protein: 9.4g

           Fat: 3.2g

           Fiber: 8.8g

      3: mamra (50g)  

           Calories: 163 Kcal

                  Carbs: 38g

           Protein: 3.3g

           Fat: 0g

           Fiber: 0g

      4: Makhana ( Fox Nuts) (50g)  

           Calories: 53 Kcal

                  Carbs: 2.5g

           Protein: 3.3g

           Fat: 0.5g

           Fiber: 0g

      5: Fruits (50g)  

           Calories: 20 Kcal

                  Carbs: 7g

           Protein: 0.2g

           Fat: 0.1g

           Fiber: 1.2g

5.Weight loss diet chart for 30 Days

Daily Healthy Food for Weight Loss || 8 Easy Methods: Quick Weight Loss

6. Foods to avoid for weight loss

     Know all the Trick in the book and still nothing? Loosing Wait is the Combination Of dropping Extra Calories and Exercise, nutrition, Physical Activities and So many Ways is there. If you're trying to reduce weight, stay away from This.

1.     Sugary Beverages ( Cold Drinks Flavored)

2.     Potato Chips

3.     Processed meats and Red Meat

4.     White Rice

5.     French Fries

6.     Whipped Cream

7.     Chocolates

8.     Peanut Butter

9.     Fried Chicken

10.Ice Creams


12.Coffee Creamer

13.Refined Pasta


15.Pan Cakes

Conclusion: Weight Loss is a Big Challenge to All People, They Are trying So many Ways and some people who are done Surgery, they will not Happy But in My Way is an Simple a healthy naturally and reduce your Weight, it is the best Way to Reduce Without Side Effects and also not Loss Your Beauty.