Which of the following best describes cardiovascular fitness | Improve cardio fitness in 2 weeks

What is cardiovascular fitness

Cardiovascular fitness is the heart and lungs to supply oxygen to the muscles during long periods of physical activity. Cardio means your heart and vascular means lungs so cardiovascular fitness exercise, like walking, running, swimming, cycling all of these helps to your heart and lungs  to work proper way.

Cardiovascular System is the measure of the efficiency of the heart, lungs, Kidney, and Respiratory system in supplying oxygen to blood to working muscles. Healthy cardiovascular system is the whole blood transportation system is healthy, Deliver nutrients to our entire body efficiently.

Which of the following best describes cardiovascular fitness | Improve cardio fitness in 2 weeks

    How to develop a healthy cardiovascular system: Two aspects of Healthy Cardiovascular system.

    ·        Eat Well ( Diet for High Nutrients Foods)

    ·        Exercise ( Swimming and running )

    Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise:

    ·        Healthy Heart

    ·        Healthy lungs

    ·        Burns Fat

    ·        To prevent Diabetes

    ·        Increased Metabolism

    ·        Improve oxygen Levels

    ·        Reduce bad cholesterol

    ·        Healthy Skin

    Cardiovascular fitness definition

    Cardiovascular fitness is nothing but to improve cardio system, in all Major organs like Heart and lungs to increase the blood pressure and also increase the capacity. Cardiovascular Mainly Supply Oxygen to work efficiently. 

    Most of cardio Exercises like Walking, cycling, swimming, or aerobics so that raise the Blood Pressure and increase oxygen levels on body. All the exercise are having advantages  in that aerobic exercise lot of health advantages, such as low risk of heart and lungs disease, more energy and also improved general Health.

    Why is cardiovascular fitness important?

    Here cardio vascular fitness is very important because of lot of benefits is there, like increasing your stamina, reduces stress level, increase blood pressure and it helps muscle strength, increasing heart function, and also many benefits.

    * Cardio Reduce Fat

    * Cardio is important for heart

    * Healthy Lungs

    * Cardiovascular helps to fit physically and mentally

    Cardiovascular fitness examples

    Cardiovascular fitness is also known as aerobic fitness,  when you’re doing cardiovascular physically it will increase your blood pressure and easily supply oxygen to the body tissues, Here I will give  some examples of activities so that can help improve cardiovascular fitness.


    1.     Running: Running is helps to Strength Heart and lungs and also burns calories

    2.     Cycling: Cycling is also helps to increase the Blood pressure and good for heart

    3.     Swimming : Swimming is a best exercise Cardiovascular

    4.     Skipping : Skipping is good for Blood circulation

    5.     Aerobic dance : one of the best way cardiovascular fitness 

    Cardiovascular fitness benefits:

    There are so many benefits in cardiovascular exercise to do daily activities like as running, swimming, cycling it will keep healthy heart.

    Strong Heart: if you do exercise, then your heart gets strong and Blood pressure will increase that means blood can pump more effectively. So that your heart will healthy, so that prevent heart attack and heart stroke.

    More Energy: Doing Regular exercise that can helps more active longer time Without Tiredness. So you can work Fast without taking any rest.

    Breathing Easy: if do regular exercise to cardio it will help to breathe easy and faster, that means the oxygen levels will increase to blood and feel easily breathe.

    Maintaining Healthy Weight: if you do exercise, your fat will burn some calories, it will helps you maintaining healthy weight. And also helps increase your metabolism, that can helps to lose your weight.

    Feeling Happier: if you do exercise that time releases some chemicals in your brain so that will make you feel happy and get less stressed. So it will helps you feeling good and low stressed.

    Avoiding Sickness: if you do exercise in daily that can lower chances of getting sick, and you will not face like diabetes and cancer long term health problems.

    Sleeping Better: Exercise will help you sleep better at night, exercise will helps to reduce stress.

    Thinking better: if you do exercise that will helps your brain will functioning better.

    Living longer: if you think to live a long life then you can start your exercise that will helps you to live long without any health problems.

    If you do exercise daily, then you feel better and have get more energy to work more without any tiredness. That will helps you feel healthier and happier in your daily life.

    Improve cardio fitness in 2 weeks

    Make a Plan: first make sure what type of exercises you want to do, like Swimming, cycling, or jogging or walking, and how much to do, fix your time.

    Try Interval Training: exercise are so many types in that one pace, going very fast and then slow down. So this type exercise is more strong your heart.

    Regularly exercise: do exercise daily or you can try maximum days of the weak. The more exercise will helps you good health.

    Start Slow: So you can start a Simple exercise after some days you can do hard exercise when you’re strong.

    Switch it Up: Some people getting bored when doing same exercise. So that you can choose one day swimming or running and next day cycling for do more exercise?

    Eat Healthy and Drink Water: so eat well means you can plan a diet in food eating more vegetables and fruits at same time more than 5 liter drink water.

    Rest Well: if you give your body to rest that means you can sleep on time.

    Listen to Your Body: If you feel tired then don’t do more exercise. And also don’t push yourself to do more.

    Keep Tracking: daily you can note down, for today what I have done and how much time and check routinely that will helps how much you will improved.


    What is the relationship between physical activity and cardiovascular fitness?

    There is no big difference between physical activity and cardiovascular fitness, it is smaller difference so I have given differences in chart.

    Which of the following best describes cardiovascular fitness | Improve cardio fitness in 2 weeks

    Conclusion: Cardiovascular fitness is helps to increase your blood pressure in your body, mainly it will helps to healthy heart and lungs. If you do regular exercise such as running, swimming, cycling. So this is common exercise we did regularly. In my opinion do daily Cardio exercise that will increase metabolism it helps stronger heart and lungs.

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    Which sport below requires the least cardiovascular fitness?

    I have given names of cardiovascular Sports











    Cardiovascular fitness articles

    Cardiovascular fitness articles are many given in google and also have books. if you want to free articles then search in google you will get more articles.

    Improve cardiovascular fitness

    You can improve yourself cardiovascular fitness, just you fix your aim and time punctuality and do some exercise cycling, running, pushups.