Age-Wise Normal Human Body Weight and Average Weight for Men & Women

Human Body Weight

A person's normal body weight is determined by a number of factors, such as height, age, gender, and oral health. In many institutions, maintaining a healthy weight based on age has been scientifically proven.

How to determine your level of health based on your age and weight is mostly determined by your overall health. A few individuals are looking up the average weight of men and women on the internet.

The Human Form Medical professionals frequently compute BMI (body mass index) based on gender and age. Absolutely, there are some minor differences between men and women. Your BMI is not calculated based on your body fat, but medical professionals do Suggestion recommendations based on BMI.

    Height and weight chart according to age

    This is a typical talk of who are experts gave this based on I will prepare for this chart, however I will give you a chart based on age so you can get an idea.

    Human Body Weight chart

    Weight according to age in KG (Pound) woman

    Average Weight for Women:

    Ages 20-29:

    Normal Body Weight Range: 110-148 lbs (50-67 kg)

    Average Weight: 138.1 lbs (62.7 kg)

    Ages 30-39:

    Normal Body Weight Range: 113-151 lbs (51-69 kg)

    Average Weight: 145.1 lbs (65.9 kg)

    Ages 40-49:

    Normal Body Weight Range: 116-155 lbs (53-70 kg)

    Average Weight: 153.2 lbs (69.5 kg)

    Ages 50-59:

    Normal Body Weight Range: 119-159 lbs (54-72 kg)

    Average Weight: 159.1 lbs (72.2 kg)

    Ages 60-69:

    Normal Body Weight Range: 121-163 lbs (55-74 kg)

    Average Weight: 163.4 lbs (74.1 kg)

    Ages 70 and older:

    Normal Body Weight Range: 123-165 lbs (56-75 kg)

    Average Weight: 165.8 lbs (75.3 kg)

    Human body weight shows that males and women have different body weights. I've provided women's weight differences by age above; for more exact information, consult with medical professionals.

    Weight according to age in Pounds men

    Average Weight for Men

    Ages 20-29

    Normal Body Weight Range: 137-183 lbs (62-83 kg)

    Average Weight: 162.9 lbs (74 kg)

    Ages 30-39

    Normal Body Weight Range: 140-186 lbs (64-84 kg)

    Average Weight: 175.6 lbs (79.7 kg)

    Ages 40-49

    Normal Body Weight Range: 143-191 lbs (65-87 kg)

    Average Weight: 182.4 lbs (82.8 kg)

    Ages 50-59

    Normal Body Weight Range: 140-188 lbs (64-85 kg)

    Average Weight: 181.2 lbs (82.2 kg)

    Ages 60-69

    Normal Body Weight Range: 137-183 lbs (62-83 kg)

    Average Weight: 179.7 lbs (81.6 kg)

    Ages 70 and old age

    Normal Body Weight Range: 134-180 lbs (61-82 kg)

    Average Weight: 171.4 lbs (77.8 kg)


    The human body weight depends on age-wise and gender (Male or Female) and also BMI. Above I gave weight separately age-wise, men & woman. So I recommended if you want more consult a medical experts.


    Normal weight of human body

    The medical experts are consider normal human body as based on BMI, the body mass index is refers how you healthy.

    Average weight of a human in Pounds

    Average weight of a human body some people are calculated as Pounds and kgs based on that country. Human body weight depends on age-wise and gender so many factors consider.