21-Day Fatty Liver: A Comprehensive Guide to Fatty Liver Diet Plans

Fatty liver is defined as having a large amount of fat in your liver having a small amount of fat in your liver is fine, but having a large amount of fat in your liver could damage I will describe a 21-day fatty liver diet plan below. And also women diet and fatty liver menu.

Fatty Liver Diet Plans

Prevent and treatment of Fatty Liver

  • Weight Loss is most important part of fatty Liver.
  • Consumption of Alcohol to effect directly on Liver so Avoid Alcohol.  
  • Drink Coffee is good for fatty Liver some medical experts Proven.
  • Vitamin E is helps to reduce fat in liver
  • Exercise is most important to reduce fatty liver
  • Diet plan eating Food like vegetable, fruits and fish which helps reduce fat.

    Woman fatty liver diet plan

    The liver is the most important organ in both men and women; in this article, I will discuss a woman's fatty liver diet plan. If common fatty liver is not an issue, more than 10% fat will cause liver damage. Some nutrition experts provide a diet plan in which you consume nutritional foods that can help avoid liver disease. Let me explain each one.

    • Eat whole grains in regular basis diet
    • Olive Oil is having medicinal benefits use this oil for Fatty Liver.
    • Eat Green leafy and vegetable
    • Eat Avocado
    • Eat Nuts like pumpkin seeds are good
    • Eat Vitamin C Fruits
    • Use Turmeric powder in daily foods
    • Walnuts is having arginine so it helps to Clean amino acid in fatty liver
    • Eat Broccoli so it’s having Vitamin A, anti-oxidant
    • Green tea is also helps to reduce fat on liver

          Avoid Foods for Fatty Liver

    • Avoid Alcohol consume
    • Don’t eat processed food Like sugar and sweets all bakery foods
    • All Fried Foods
    • Highly Salted Foods
    • White Bread and Pasta
    • Stocked Red Meat
    •  High-Cholesterol Foods

    21 day fatty liver diet plan pdf (Download)

    Nutrition experts are offered diet plans in a variety of methods. If you follow my 21-day liver diet treatment, you will definitely get improvements. Download the pdf format from the URL provided below.

    Example of fatty liver diet menu

    Morning Breakfast

    Eggs are high quality protein and Minerals good for whole health.

    Add morning diet in whole grain foods

    Eat fruits like vitamin C and B-complex Vitamin.

    Drink Green tea

    Morning Snacks

    Low-fat and high fibre natural vegetable salads with fruits.


    Eat Low calories food and avoid fried foods

    Add some vegetable salads in lunch like cherry, tomatoes,

    Afternoon Snacks

    Eat Nuts like Fig or walnuts

    Take one small cup of almonds

    Evening Snacks

    Honey with lemon juice without sugar is good choice it’s also helps to reduce weight loss.


    Eat 2 small roti with full of vegetable curry

    Take side in salads like cucumber

    Eat some fruits like kiwi is best choice


    Liver is most important organ in humans because it's Function daily basis if your liver is damage then numerous health issues will start one by one, busy world many people cannot follow diet so that could impact whole health. There is little difference between men and women's diet plans; I have provided a 21-day chart that you can download and follow to achieve your goals. If you have a chronic disease, see a medical professional before starting this diet.


    How to reduce fatty liver quickly

    Yes there is so many methods to reduce fatty liver, if more than 10 % fat in liver it will dame your liver. So simply download and follow some diet plan which gave 21 day Chart in my blog. Diet and regular exercise is reduce fatty liver.

    is powdered milk good for fatty liver

    Yes, powdered milk can be beneficial for people with fatty liver disease if chosen carefully and consumed in limit