cancer medicine impact factor Ayurvedic

cancer medicine impact factor Ayurvedic 2023 & 2024

Heart attacks and cancer account for the majority of deaths worldwide. Globally, cancer is the second most deadly disease. I'll give you some tips for at-home cancer prevention, and I'll consult with some doctors and Ayurvedic experts. Please read this carefully and understand the diet and prevention advice provided here.

It's important to realize that Ayurveda is a traditional medical system with roots in ancient India if you're interested in learning more about the influence of Ayurvedic medications in the context of cancer treatment. Even though it has been used to treat a number of illnesses, including cancer, it is important to take a balanced approach when assessing its effects. Here's a methodical approach:

cancer medicine impact factor Ayurvedic

Tips Prevention Cancer:

 Star Anise Which Having Highly Antioxidant Will Scientifically Proved, Antioxidant It Will Boos Immunity Who Proves This  Scientifically The University of Medical Sciences Iran in 2012.

How Its Use Star Anise:

               This Is Mainly Used Biriyani and Some Special Indian food Items, If You Eat Raw 1 Or 2 Pieces Daily This Prevents Cancer And It Will Reduce Cancer Cells In Our Body

How Many Chemical Component Having Star Anise:

·         Linalool

·         Quercetin

·         Anethole

·         Shikimic Acid

·         Galic Acid

·         Limonine

Literature Review:Find pertinent papers and research articles on Ayurvedic medicines and their effect on cancer treatment by doing a thorough assessment of the literature. Make use of academic sources or databases such as PubMed and Google Scholar.

Examine The Findings and Recommendations:

Examine the findings and recommendations:

Analyze the studies' findings and conclusions. Examine the effectiveness, safety, and general effects of Ayurvedic treatments for cancer.

Consider Multidisciplinary Approaches

Treatment for cancer frequently uses interdisciplinary methods. For a more complete picture, take into account research that combine traditional cancer treatments with Ayurvedic medicine.

Consult Healthcare ProfeSsionals

Finnaly we Suggest to Seek advice from medical professionals, integrative medicine experts, or oncologists to gain understanding of the real-world use of Ayurvedic medicines in cancer treatment.