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How To Lose belly fat weight loss In Natural Way

People are Thinking How Easily Loss Belly Fat? Yes Correct Place You land, in this article I will explain all Smart technics to Loss Easily Belly Fat natural way So Read Careful and apply some natural Technics. First We Should Know How Belly fat Develop and What Is the Way to Burn Fat.

How To Lose belly fat weight loss In Natural Way

How Did Belly Fat Develop?

Belly fat develop several ways. Belly fat develops through a combination of genetic predispositions, lifestyle factors, and physiological processes. Here's a more detailed explanation of how belly fat develops:

·        Extra Calories

·        Hormonal Imbalance or Change

·        Genetically

·        Lifestyle

·        Age

·        Alcohol

Majorly these are the main reason to belly develop, so I will give some tips below and you have to change your lifestyle for one month and see changes.

Belly fat weight loss drink

Several Drinks are There But I will tell you Best 5 Ways Belly Fat Drinks

Ginger Tea: ginger is having a compound of gingerol that helps to reducing belly fat, you can drink any time but morning Empty stomach is the Best

Jeera Water: Jeera water is a detox water that helps in reduce belly fat an also help weight management

Lemon Water: lemon water the body and boost metabolism so you can Drink at morning empty Stomach.

Black Coffee: black Coffee contains high amount of antioxidants that helps in More Calories Burn. You can drink any time as you wish.

Green Tea: Green tea contains Boost metabolism its helps in Burn Belly Fat. You can drink any time.

If you drink this you can lose your belly fat at the same time if you do exercise at the same Reducing Fast.

Belly fat weight loss smoothie recipes

Belly weight loss Recipes which so easy that it only take a few minutes to make it and is so delicious that you won’t feel hungry for few hours. So I will tell you recipes and also explain, its Low calories Recipes.

1.Oats Smoothie recipes:

Ingredients need

             * Oats 20 Gram

             * Almond 4 No’s

             * Cinnamon Powered 3 tsp

             * Banana 1

             * Honey   

 Procedure: First you will Take 20 grams of oats and add Overnight Soaked 4 Almond after cinnamon powder 3 tsp after add warm Water and Soak 20 Mins, After Transfer one Glas, and add 1 Banana, Add to Grind Well all these, don’t Add Sugar If You Want To add Honey. After Grind, this Smoothie Recipe Ready.

Green Smoothie (Detox & Weight Loss)

 Ingredients need

             * Almond Milk 1 Cup

             * Coconut water ½ cup

             * Dates 3 No’s

             * Ginger Small  piece

             * Banana 1

             * Cucumber ½ Cup

             * Baby spinach 10 leaves

             * ½ Lemon

       All These products add and grind well until creamy & smooth. Finally The Green Smoothie is ready to drink.

How to lose belly fat naturally (1 Weak is Possible)

Belly is common problem faced by many people and getting tension and challenging to Reduce belly fat, Rice is the most satisfying Food Now days So Cut the Rice. Here I will give a few tips Chart and you easily reduce belly fat naturally.


      lose belly fat chart


Early Morning

Early in the morning when you wake Up Drink warm water or Green tea.

Break Fast

Oats Meals With Warm Milk 1 Bowl


Roti With Salad & Minimum 4 Eggs

Snacks Evening

Green Tea or lemon tea


2 Roti With Salad & Chicken small qty


Follow these 1 weak and see the results which is naturally loss belly fat.

Belly fat weight loss plan

 Belly fat is most to your organ function so it is nothing but fatty liver its leads deadliest disease, so you can plan today to reduce belly fat natural way. I have given lot of examples in my blog.        

·        Avoid Oil Food

·        Eat healthy Food

·        Highly prepare protein Food

·        Drink plenty of water

·        Do Regular exercise

·        Food Balanced Diet

·        Change your Lifestyle not in Clothes means change some daily activities.

·        No Sugary Drinks and Foods

·        Sleep at correct time

Conclusion: in This article I have written best technics to loss belly fat in natural way, use this methods and follow then will comment, here what I am telling these is best technics in loss belly fat.